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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Corporate, Business and Employee Training Products. Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Corporate, Business and Employee Training Products. Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Corporate, Business and Employee Training Products. Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Corporate, Business and Employee Training Products. Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Corporate, Business and Employee Training Products.

Frequently Asked Questions
Concerning Our Training Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are training tapes so expensive? I can buy an Oscar winning movie for about $15.00. What do training videos cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars?

A: That's a very good question. A training video, while not as costly to produce as a feature film, still costs a considerable amount . . . and has a very narrow appeal. The producer needs to recoup his investment and if possible a small profit. The producer does this by offering his production with the right to view in public.

For example, you can purchase the hour long documentary Do You Believe in Miracles? on DVD for around $20.00, while the cost of the 24 minute training video Do You Believe in Miracles? sells for $295.00. The difference? You can watch the documentary on DVD as many times as you want . . . you can even invite a couple of friends over to watch it with you. However, if you are going to use the video for ANY training purposes, you are liable for a two hundred thousand dollar fine. The training video comes with "performance rights." By buying the training video, you have the legal right to show the video in front of a group of people. So, for a few hundred dollars you can save legal headaches and a small fortune.

Q: What are your purchasing terms?

A: We offer many ways for the purchase of our training programs:

  • We accept credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express).
  • We accept purchase orders from recognized organizations and businesses.
  • We also accept checks from small companies and individuals. When the check clears, we ship the products.
  • Wire bank transfer.

    We require payment on approved purchase orders within 30 days.  For clients from countries outside of the USA and Canada, we accept wire transfers.

    For international orders (customers outside the USA and Canada), the preferred payment method is a bank wire transfer of funds. Contact us for bank transfer information. There is an additional fee for bank wire transfer. Our shopping cart does not work for international orders. The shipping charges will be incorrect.

    Q: Do You have discounts for large purchases or for schools, government, and non-profit agencies?

    A:We do offer discounts. Please, check out the details on our Discount page.

    Q: What is a preview?

    A: A preview is a copy of the entire training program with a disclaimer message running across the frame (screen) indicating this product is for preview only - illegal to use this for training purposes. You may order a preview from us at no cost, if ground shipping method is utilized (in USA and Canada only). For a slight charge we can ship your previews via U.S. Priority Mail within the United States. Almost all producers are either doing away with DVD previews in favor of online viewing.

    Let us know which training program you would like to preview.  Contact us (1-253-759-6639 or email: and we'll call or email you to confirm your order for our FREE previews and discuss your training requirements and needs. We're always happy to make suggestions for other programs that might fit your needs. We have many more programs than are listed on our website. Our inventory is constantly changing.

    Q: What is the preview time frame?

    A: Two weeks is standard. If you find you require a preview for a longer period of time, please contact us to let us know. Most producers are discontinuing DVD previews in favor of online viewing. The same is the story for rentals. Downloadable rentals are becoming the norm.

    Q: What countries do you serve?

    A: We've shipped to nearly all continents:

  • All of our products are available in the United States.
  • Most of our products are available in Canada.
  • World-wide - availability varies by the product and the producer of the product.

    Please, contact us regarding your interest and we can confirm availability or make alternative suggestions if needed to provide your training.

    Q: How quickly can I receive products?

    A: For free previews of products, as well as the purchase and rental of products, the following shipping estimates apply:

    • Ground shipment takes 5-10 business days from the time we receive your order.
    • 2 day shipment takes 2 business days, if we receive your order by 9:00am Pacific Standard Time (PST).
    • Overnight shipment should arrive the following business day (depending upon reliability of the shipping company), if we receive your order by 9:00am Pacific Standard Time (PST).
    • Priority Mail generally takes 2/3 days within the U.S. after we ship the products.
    • Some educational products take additional time for preparation and often need to be back-ordered. We will notify you if this pertains to your orders.

    Q: Does Ideas and Training accept sale copy returns of products?

    A: Sometimes Yes and sometimes No.  When products offer "free previews", there is no return allowed on sale copies (purchases).   Sale of these products are final (no returns).  If we do authorize a return, you will be charged for shipping and handling as well as a fee for restocking. If you receive a defective product, we are typically able to replace these products (at no additional charge) for the first 90 days after purchase.  Please contact us for questions and details regarding damaged product replacement. Sometimes when time is short we will suggest ordering a sale copy of a product, but it is the client's responsibility to let us know if the content is unsuitable for their training purposes immediately. Preview time, planning time, and shipping time are always the trainer's obligation and duty.

    Q: Why Don't All Videos Have Previews?

    A: Not all producers supply previews. Sometimes they find it simpler for clients to purchase and return their programs if needed. This actually rarely happens. A good rule of thumb is this: If a video sells for more than $400 there is generally a preview available. If a video sells for less than $400 there is likely no preview.

    At Ideas and Training we are trying to provide more online previewing for customers world-wide and U.S. customers who want to see a sample of the product "Right Now." Our Online Previews do feature many of the videos priced under $400 for preview as well as most of the programs priced over $400.00.

    If there is no "free preview" available for the product, customers have two weeks to view and return the program for a refund, less applicable shipping costs.  Customers are responsible for communicating with Ideas and Training regarding a return of the program (when the two week return option is available) so we can track the return of the program and initiate applicable refunds. Returned products must be is re-saleable condition. Also, most producers of DVDs, will not accept returns of their products.

    For any other questions on ordering, you may check our How To Order/Return Our Products page or call 1-253-759-6639.


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    Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Corporate, Business and Employee Training Products.